766   Store&Forward Media Converters

This tissue has following status: final proposal

Created: 13 Jan 2017





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: Store-and-forward media converters introduce an asymmetry in the computation of the delay, since they delay the event messages proportionally to their length, and Sync and Pdelay_Req/Pdelay_Resp have different length. Therefore, Sync arrives earlier than the peer delay computation predicts.
In End-to-end, the length of Sync and Delay_Req is the same, so this
is not an issue for the L3E2E profile.

Proposal: P1588 decided to introduce a PAD TLV, that has a length of 10 octets that should be appended to Sync by the master. This is an option that can be checked easily by each node, so the network engineer knows that the delay is calculated correctly.
This change does not affect L3E2E profiles.
An ammendment will be issued once P1588 settled the identifier of the TLV.


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