770   Erroneous Frame definition

This tissue has following status: final proposal

Created: 01 Sep 2017


Page: 28


Paragraph: Table row 1

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: the following it is stated: “If the frame is erroneous, …, ignore the frame”.
The concept of erroneous is not defined strictly and might be misleading, since one might think a frame with wrong PRPsuffix, LANID, LSDUSize should be ignored, which IT IS NOT the case. In fact a frame with such wrong values should be treated as SAN and passed up to the application.
since here it is meant as "Ethernet wrong frame", it should be specified.

Proposal: Add a Note with the definition of Erroneous.
"Erroneous here is meant as "Ethernet wrong frame", e.g. having a wrong Frame Checksum (FCS). Correct Ethernet Frames having wrong PRP fields shall be treated as SAN frames, and thus be passed to the application."


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